How about taking a simple 7-day HAPPY TAI CHI™ challenge?

Let’s do “Hold out the Happy Guitar” pose meditation 3 times, after waking up, before or after lunch, and in the evening every day for 7 days. Each time you just do 8 counts on each side with natural breathing. You can do this standing at a higher stance or a lower stance based on your fitness level. You can also do this sitting down or lying in bed. It will take you 1-2 minutes each time.

Hold out the Happy Guitar: 95% weight on back leg, front heel on the floor, ankle relaxed, body turned to the side, one arm extended out without locking the elbow, the other arm arched half way behind. Do both sides.



Results (on scale of 1-5): Before After
Stress Level ______ ______
Energy Level ______ ______
HAPPY Level ______ ______


Don’t forget to post your “Holding the Happy Guitar” picture, my HAPPY TAI CHI™ Baby Panda.

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